Build a smarter, faster, more forward-looking business with Centricity

From curious searches to urgent needs, Centricity tells you what’s in demand — as soon as it’s in demand

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Syndicated data is outdated from the onset.

So we left it behind.

Centricity is an AI-powered workflow solution that measures consumer demand in real-time, without relying on the messiness of social media scraping or e-commerce data.

We spot trends as soon as they arise, helping you save time, grow profits, and find answers — all before sales data even exists.

Inside the Platform

Retailers and CPG companies use Centricity to solve problems faster

From product development to market share expansion, Centricity’s got you covered

inside the platform
Unmatched volume, unrivaled speed

We process 2.5 billion data points every day, telling you a transformative, forward-looking story of consumer behavior

No more playing catch-up

Priority alerts ensure you’re the first to know what your customers want — and the first to stock your shelves

As precise as it gets

Industry-leading product classification enriches analysis and accelerates market share expansion

At long last, data that actually matters

Granular analysis, geolocated. In real-time, you’ll get inside access to what’s trending, where.

inside the platform Unmatched volume, unrivaled speed no more playing catch-up as precise as it gets data that actually matters

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