The future of cloud based customer analytic platforms.

Purpose-built from the ground up to give the modern Retail and CPG company actionable visibility into their customers and level the playing field with ecommerce disruptors.

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Syndicated Data is yesterday’s tool

Online grocery share is predicted to grow to over 10% by 2020 in North America. Winners control the full ecosystem—from search to conversion. Brick and mortar can only leverage old conversion sales data. 

Customer data companies are stuck in the past

They show a one-sided story on consumer trends, only driven by what goes through the register and often taking more than a month to update resulting in retroactive adjustments and customer loss. For pre launched items, data is even more illusive. 

Centricity makes your data actionable

We collect over 800,000,000 million points of customer data daily—page views, social media cues and insight points—across the internet, empowering you to make customer-facing decisions proactively rather than chasing market share losses retroactively. With Centricity, you get the right innovation on the shelf before your competition, and cut down on the disruption of bad innovation in the supply chain. 

Centricity for CPG

Category management at the speed of today.

Today’s modern category manager/buyer sees more innovation than ever. With the Centricity platform, arm your sales team with the data needed to show true Customer intent in your Retailers market, even when your products are pre launch and have no sales data. 


points of consumer interest daily

Don’t leave the retailers to guess if customers want your product in their stores – prove it.

For Sales Teams

  • Customized cloud-based platform for your sales team/leadership.
  • Paint a picture of true consumer intent by market and product segment.
  • Increase supplier & retailer trust in innovation by having a data set showing intent pre launch
  • Analyze, extract, and present this data in a way that buyers/category managers will understand.

For R&D/Market Expansion

  • Use customized machine learning/AI to peg each individual point of data to your existing category and product segments.
  • See consumer interest at scale and in real time to understand what retailers and markets show the most interest.
  • Uncover trends and data in markets not available on any other platform.

Centricity for Retailers

The retail landscape has been forever changed and the winners see the full path to purchase.

We use AI & machine learning to follow the individual journeys through the internet in order to assign them a sub category within your ecosystem.

We make this data actionable by marrying it with your existing category hierarchy and front end sales, showing your business leaders what the consumer wants and needs in real time juxtaposed against your actual sales trajectory, custom tailored to your trade area and business. This gets you first to market with the newest Consumer trends months before your competition. 

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  • Unlock a ‘pre-purchase picture’ of consumers
  • Map intent-to-purchase paths
  • Combine with transactional data
  • Insights on-demand vs. slow and expensive
  • Enable better, fast decision making
  • Compelling fit for ecosystem partners

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We are looking for beta partners to help shape our platform as we move towards market launch in mid-2020.

Beta partners will guide Centricity through its development and receive discounts when we launch!

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