Good Morning America interviews Centricity CEO Mike Brackett

Centricity Media

October 29 2020


On Wednesday morning, Good Morning America featured an interview with Centricity CEO Mike Brackett. ABC News Correspondent Will Reeve asked Mike about how Centricity’s technology may be able to predict spikes in consumer demands and thus prevent shortages like we saw in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“According to [Centricity], right now, demand for baking goods is up 3,400% from this time a year ago,” Reeve reported.

Reeve also cited Mike in explaining the cause of some of the recent spikes:

“[Centricity is] also seeing spikes in searches for items you can prepare early and keep ahead of the upcoming holidays, so they don’t have to go into the crowded stores on the big day,” he said.

Mike explained that trends in people staying at home more than ever appear to have driven a lot of the search trends that Centricity is tracking.

Searches for “spices, feel-good items, slow-cooker type of items” have spiked, Mike said. “A lot of millennials perhaps hadn’t really ever done a lot of cooking before, because they hadn’t had to.”

“Whatever can be frozen, whatever is non-perishable that you can safely keep over the holidays,” Mike continued, “We’re seeing a lot of [demand for] that.”

Clearly, when it came to meeting demand in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, Retailers and CPG companies were caught flat-footed. Centricity is hoping to solve that problem this time around, helping companies boost production to meet spikes in demand during this second wave of food stockpiling.