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How Centricity’s platform will upend the data analytics industry

How Does Centricity’s Platform Function? What differentiates Centricity from competitors is its ability to provide insights on pre-purchase consumer intent. The company’s focus is to help brick-and-mortar retailers to optimize the assortment of their products down to the stock-keeping unit level. In fact, it is necessary to create an assortment that matches demand, because digital […]

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How Centricity elevates CPG Manufacturers and Retailers

Centricity’s cloud-based customer analytics platform leverages AI and machine learning algorithms to generate actionable customer insights—identifying whether consumers are interested in buying a product or not, across geographies and demography, which the company refers to as “consumer intent.” Centricity aims to provide real-time, forward-looking and actionable insights into consumer behavior to help retail category managers […]

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Why technology and data literacy are the future of category management

Changing Retail Landscape Underscores Importance of Data Analytics Today’s shopper uses multiple channels to search for products before making a purchase, and brand loyalty has reduced because of the abundance of choice. It has therefore become easier for market entrants to connect with the consumer, and legacy brands are being disrupted more frequently and faster […]

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